Proven Fiscal Conservative Who Fights for the Taxpayer

Tan Parker is a recognized leader for improving job creation, reducing taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and building better educational opportunities for our current and future workforce.

Strong Border and Support for Law Enforcement

Tan Parker is always committed to protecting our borders,supporting law enforcement, and providing improved public safety measures including banning sanctuary cities.


A Stalwart Protector of Life

Tan Parker is a proven leader who has been instrumental in passing the most comprehensive pro-life policies and is a fighter in defending life at all stages.


A Tireless Advocate for Children

Tan Parker is a champion for Texas’ children and has successfully passed improved foster care reforms, child abuse prevention measures, protections for homeless teens, safeguards for victims of human trafficking, increased punishments for traffickers, and policies to improve wellness and safety for our youths.


Accessible, Accountable, and Engaged

Being responsive and accountable to the people of House District 63 is at the heart of Tan Parker’s service. He provides Saturday office hours and is very active in many local organizations, events, and coalitions that are important to the communities he is honored to represent. 

Tan Parker Delivers Real Results

for House District 63

Tan Successfully Fought to:

  • Reduce your property taxes and increase transparency for taxpayers

  • Protect the culture of life and stop taxpayer money from supporting abortion providers

  • Fund our public schools, reduce Robin Hood and honor retired school teachers

  • Stop labor unions from increasing labor costs on public projects

  • Ban a state income tax

  • Protect free speech on college campuses

  • Strengthen laws to stop human trafficking and support victims of sexual assault

  • Increase access to medical treatments for the chronically and terminally ill

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