How Texas is Protecting the Air you Breathe


I am proud to say that District 63 has 3 air monitors stationed within its boundaries:

  • Dish, an Auto Gas Chromatograph (GC) Monitor or continuous air monitor with “real time” data

  • Pilot Point, a canister station where TCEQ pulls air samples from the station to monitor the area. TCEQ has begun to look into converting this monitor into an Auto GC Monitor.

  • TCEQ continuous air monitor in Flower Mound, TX

There are three more monitors in close proximity to our district at Eagle Mountain Lake, Dallas Hinton Street Area, and Fort Worth Meacham Field. These Auto GC Monitors will screen Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) around the perimeter of District 63, acting as an additional protection to our air quality.

This link will take you to the continuous air monitors that have been set up in Denton County. The continuous air monitor takes an air sample every forty minutes. The data is registered on the web three hours after the sample is taken. Each monitor is responsible for screening over 50 VOCs. You may generate a report of hourly emissions for any day by clicking on the link below:


Media Advisory:

August 23, 2010, Fort Worth, Texas, State and local officials of North Texas reveal plans for TCEQ, along with a third party data evaluator, to install and monitor eight more Auto GC Monitors in North Texas. This will bring the total number of Auto GC monitors in Dallas/Ft. Worth area to fifteen. See details here

Tan Parker statement on Fort Worth Press Conference, 


August 23, 2010 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issues report on Dish Auto GC Air Monitor. See details here

New! Barnett Shale Interactive Map: Users can find sampling results from specific locations and measure the distance from a sample site to a location of their choosing (i.e. home, school, town). The map displays the hundreds of air samples taken in the Barnett Shale region.

Click here for Interactive Map

Important features on the map:

  • Search Map: Located above the map’s toolbar on the top left corner of the screen. Left click on “Search Map” Tab and a drop down of location options will appear.


Toolbar options

  • Choose Sample Sites, circle with a lower case “i” in the center: Left click on this option and the cursor will display the option icon. Now, the user can click on the various colored dots where TCEQ samples have been taken and the history of samples taken by the TCEQ with the results will display next to the site

  • Measure Line, dotted line: once you activate the option by clicking on it, the user has the ability to left click on a location and release, then drag the line to the other location that the user would like to calculate the distance between.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The TCEQ will hold an open house in the Barnett Shale area in October. The event will feature interactive displays and presentations where people can learn about specific regulatory activities in the area, such as air monitoring, permitting, and other subjects. Specific date and location soon to follow.

Barnett Shale Special Inventory:

For Denton County inventory type of emission sources associated with upstream and midstream oil and gas operations see details here.

"I strongly commend the hard work of all the parties involved who helped start this initiative and look forward to working with my like-minded colleagues on achieving this goal for North Texas."

Contact Information:


As of December 17, 2009, the TCEQ has implemented a 12-hour response time for all complaints received concerning oil and gas facilities in the Barnett Shale area. Additional staff has been added to the DFW regional office by the agency so that the TCEQ can conduct weekly reconnaissance investigations as well as monitoring trips in the area.

Complaint and Investigation Procedures for the Area of the Barnett Shale


TCEQ has a twenty-four hour hotline to request air sampling on a particular site, report an odor or noise,

file a complaint or to request an investigation:

To submit a complaint:

Call toll-free at 1-888-777-3186, use online form link below or call the DFW regional office:


Regional Director: Tony Walker

2309 Gravel Dr.

Fort Worth, TX 76118-6951

817-588-5800 • FAX: 817-588-5700


Stay Informed:

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