From the bluebonnets of Flower Mound to the Texas Motor Speedway, to the open horse country of Bartonville and Argyle, to some of the leading suburban communities in the United States, House District 63 is a perfect microcosm of Texas today. Thirteen individual communities and four separate school districts comprise this fast growth portion of Texas.

The residents of House District 63 are characterized as hardworking families, trying to afford themselves and their children all the opportunities that this great state has to offer. We put our faith in the philosophy that hard work will be rewarded and that together, we will continue to make our district a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

Residents of House District 63 are twice as likely to have graduated from college, three times less likely to live below the poverty line and we bolster a homeownership rate significantly above the state average. Perhaps that is why more and more people are moving into our part of North Texas each and every day. But our prosperity does not come without its own set of unique challenges. That is why every day your elected officials are working hard to meet the demands of our dramatic population growth, keep our local economy strong and business friendly.