Press Release – Aug. 17, 2021 – Texas Democrats need to be returned to the Capitol


Contact: Allen Blakemore

Tuesday, August 17, 2021


Tan Parker: “Let’s Bring Them Back”

Texas Democrats need to be returned to the Capitol

Flower Mound, TX – Tan Parker, Texas State Representative and conservative Republican candidate for Texas State Senate District 12, released the following statement:

“Texans have had enough.  The time for niceties and cordiality has passed.  We cannot allow the tyranny of the minority to subvert the will of the majority at the expense of the people of this great state.

“It’s been 9 days since Speaker Phelan signed civil arrest warrants for missing House members who continue to put politics over duty.  Speaker Phelan needs to instruct Texas Department of Public Safety Director McCraw to use all means necessary to enforce the civil arrest warrants, return the missing Democrats to the House Floor, and get the House back to work on the people’s business.  Texans expect their Representatives to do the job they were elected to do.

“It’s been more than a month, and the missing Democrats still refuse to follow through on their duties to Texans.  They didn’t want to come back the easy way, and they’ve forced our state to return them the hard way.

“Legislators swear an oath to ‘faithfully execute the duties of the office’. They have broken faith with their constituents and abrogated their responsibilities.  It’s time for law enforcement to bring them back to the Capitol.”

For more information about the Tan Parker campaign visit, and find @TanParkerTX on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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