Growing the Texas Economy and Paving the Way for Innovation

Tan Parker is a recognized leader for improving job creation, reducing taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and building better educational opportunities for our current and future workforce.


  • Authored House Bill 985 in 2019, which prohibits a public contract involving state resources to be awarded based upon any requirements or preferences on the issue of organized labor. 

  • Passed an amendment to Senate Bill 193 in 2015 to ensure that the Texas Motor Speedway is competitive in attracting large-scale events that bring economic development to Denton County.

  • Authored House Bill 2896 in 2015 to end a double taxation provision that was adversely penalizing Texas broadcasting companies.

Staunch Defender of 2nd Amendment Rights

Firm believer in the constitutionally protected right of law abiding Texas’ citizens to bear arms, who has supported numerous 2nd Amendment victories. 

  • Coauthored House Bill 302 in 2019, which cleared up confusion relating to the right of individuals to carry guns at their apartment or condominium complex and protects the rights of owners and tenants of residential units to lawfully possess firearms and ammunition in their apartments or condominiums, and to transport them between their vehicles and their residential unit

  • Cosponsored Senate Bill 16 in 2017, which lowered handgun license and application fee from $140 to $40 and renewal fees from $100 to $40.

  • Coauthored House Bill 910 in 2015, which allowed for licensed citizens to openly carry their holstered handgun.

Advocate for Religious Freedom

Freedom of religious expression is one of the core values on which our great nation was founded. Parker is a passionate advocate for religious freedom for all Texans and has continually fought to ensure Texas’  laws always protect this most cherished right.


  • Cosponsored Senate Bill 1978 in 2019, also known as the “Save Chick-fil-a Bill,” which prohibits adverse actions by the government against individuals expressing those beliefs and convictions.

  • Supported Senate Bill 24 in 2015, which protects First Amendment rights by prohibiting government entities from subpoenaing a religious sermon in any civil or administrative proceeding.

  • Supported House Bill 3859 in 2015, which protects faith-based child welfare service providers from discrimination, or adverse legal actions, for exercising their deeply held religious beliefs in the context of the foster care system.

A Stalwart Protector of Life

Tan Parker is a proven leader who has worked tirelessly to pass the most comprehensive pro-life policies in Texas at all stages of life. As a passionate pro-life member of the Texas House, measures to protect unborn children and preserve the sanctity of life always have his unwavering support. 

  • Cosponsored House Bill 16 in 2019, also known as the Infant Born-Alive Protection Act, protects infants who survive abortion procedures, ensuring they receive the same diligent, professional medical care given to any other child born in that hospital. 

  • Cosponsored Senate Bill 8 in 2017, which banned partial-birth abortions and prohibited the sale of fetal tissues and organs.

  • Coauthored House Bill 13 during the first special session in 2017. This law expanded reporting requirements for complications resulting from abortion procedures in order to better ensure the health and safety of women.

Strengthening Healthcare for all Texans

Tan Parker’s authorship and voting record have proven time and time again his commitment to providing greater pathways for both chronically and terminally ill Texans to pursue medical freedom. He has successfully passed numerous bills in this subject area and led on healthcare subjects that the rest of the nation is now seeking to implement.


  • Passed House Bill 3147 in 2019 in order to provide greater access to cancer clinical trials in Texas.

  • Sponsored SB 869 in 2019, which updates the Texas Department of State Health Services Guidelines for the Care of Students with Food Allergies At-Risk for Anaphylaxis to include food allergy management best practices and new FDA-approved methods, treatments, and therapies to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. 

  • Authored Charlie’s Law in 2017 (House Bill 810), providing patients with an avenue to receive life-changing adult stem cell treatments not yet approved by the FDA.

A Tireless Advocate for Children

Tan Parker is a champion for Texas’ children and has successfully passed improved foster care reforms, child abuse prevention measures, protections for homeless teens, safeguards for victims of human trafficking, increased punishments for traffickers, and policies to improve wellness and safety for our youths.

  • Joint-authored SB 1207 in 2019 to address long-standing concerns with the treatment that medically fragile children in Texas receive. This legislation was a pioneering breakthrough to assist these medically fragile children and their families and improve their quality of life.

  • Authored HB 834 in 2017, prohibiting adoptive parents from transferring illegally an adopted child without authorization from appropriate and official authorities.

  • Authored Jenna’s Law (HB 1041) in 2009 to protect the health and well being of our state's children through sexual abuse education and awareness. This law is now being introduced as the first of its kind at the federal level by Senator John Cornyn.

Eradicating Human Trafficking

Tan Parker has made it his mission to not only prosecute the perpetrators of this horrific crime, but to also empower victims by providing them with a pathway that grants them freedom as well as the opportunity for a bright future. Texas has made great strides in combating human trafficking, but until this crime is completely eradicated, there will always be more work to be done. 


  • Passed an amendment to HB 322 in 2017 to provide innocent victims of human trafficking with additional pathways to clean their record of convictions that they were forced to commit.

  • Passed HB 2286 in 2015, providing innocent victims of human trafficking with the opportunity to clean their criminal record of convictions that they were forced to commit.

Strong Borders and Support for Law Enforcement

Tan Parker is always committed to protecting our borders, supporting law enforcement, and providing improved public safety measures including banning sanctuary cities. The sovereignty of our great nation is one of his top priorities, and he has fought to ensure that our borders remain strong and protected. 


  • Supported the continued funding of $800,000 to protect our border for the 2020-2021 biennium. 

  • Cosponsored legislation to ban “sanctuary cities” in 2017. Senate Bill 4 strengthened state sovereignty in enforcing immigration law by creating penalties for local entities and campus police departments who adopt or enforce a policy that prohibits enforcement of immigration laws.