On this day in 1839, the Republic of Texas adopted the Lone Star as the flag of the new nation. May Texas continue to lead the way for America, and may our flag always inspire those who cherish liberty! #GodBlessTexas

Continuing My Commitment to Public Safety

Continuing My Commitment to Public Safety

It’s Opening Day of the 88th Texas Legislature, and I am continuing my commitment to public safety, filing my first Senate Bill – SB 378, which allows the Attorney General to bring suit against district attorneys who willfully disregard Texas law, placing the public at risk. We need to make sure that district attorneys are supporting, and not hindering law enforcement efforts to keep our communities safe.

Honoring our heroes by giving back in this season of Thanksgiving

Honoring our heroes by giving back in this season of Thanksgiving

The changing of the season signifies a time of renewal. Fall brings great opportunities for people to reconnect with the spirit of gratitude and the chance to gather with family and friends. As the 30 days of November begin, we turn to the season of thanksgiving, reflecting on the great blessings bestowed upon us.

Giving thanks across America arises from the gift of our freedoms. President Abraham Lincoln wisely said that “Freedom is the last, best hope of earth.” Through incredible blessings, America has stood on the bedrock of liberty shining as the beacon of hope and freedom for the world. The republic on which our great Nation was founded 246 years ago has prevailed throughout the years because of the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have given their lives for our freedom.

Knowing this — we look to the season of thanks by recognizing and honoring our veterans. At the end of World War I, the armistice between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day in the eleventh month of 1918. Armistice Day was designated a national holiday in 1938, later becoming Veterans Day in 1954. This special day of commemoration gives every American an opportunity to honor those who gave the fullest measure of devotion as they served in our armed forces, enduring great risk and loss.

Keeping veterans at the forefront of our gratitude must go beyond a single day. Our veterans serve as our greatest heroes, to whom a debt can never be fully repaid by a grateful nation. It is my hope and prayer that our country never wavers in its appreciation for the sacrifices, courage, hope, and faithful love of country shown by every brave man and woman who wears our Nation’s uniform.

Across North Texas, there are many events honoring our heroes, and I hope you will participate in your community. Also, let us always remember that many long-term care facilities are home to aging service men and women, so please check with these local places about ways to say thanks. Additionally, the Texas Veterans Commission website – veterans.portal.texas.gov -provides many resources to help support those who have served.

Policy makers at every level of government must work to make certain we are addressing the greatest needs of our veterans. In January 2023, your Texas Legislature will convene to take up the people’s business. Over the interim, the Texas Senate has been studying several issues facing veterans and what our state can do to address each of these in our upcoming legislative session. The interim charges include removing barriers for companies offering benefits for veterans, establishing better public-private partnership opportunities, improving navigation for services and resources, addressing veteran mental health, training for first responders to better support veterans in crisis, and protecting the sacred grounds of our state veteran cemeteries.

There will be many bills filed to improve Texas veteran services, and I hope you will follow each on one at www.capitol.texas.gov. Our veterans have fought for us, and we must never waver in our fight for them.

Americans will also celebrate Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude, and gathering in the spirit of the bountiful gifts we have before us. As inflation has sadly risen to historic highs in our country, there is much work to be done to address great needs. I hope you will stay connected to area resources and non-profits on the countless ways to give back. There are many heart-driven non-profits leading our communities to meet people where they are and serve their needs, including fighting hunger. One cannot fully embrace the season, if the needs of others are not met. From groups such as Mission Moms to Meals on Wheels and food banks across our region, there are countless ways to nourish your community. If I can ever help connect you with a local event or cause, please let me hear from you. Small differences ignite big changes so please know that everyone can do something to make Thanksgiving a little brighter.

May we each use our God-given abilities and blessings to make the most of this November and in turn, inspire the next generation to continue the celebration of gratitude and widen the circle of giving for all.

It is an honor to serve you in the Texas House and work together for a stronger Texas. I encourage people to use their voice to shape the future of our community, state, and Nation by exercising your right to vote on November 8. I look forward to staying in touch, at 972.724.8477 or tan.parker@house.texas.gov.  You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Service to others is what makes our community strong

Service to others is what makes our community strong

Serving the people of House District 63 is the highest honor of my professional life. Visiting with folks in the district provides opportunities to shape public policy, improve government responsiveness, and advance legislation for the betterment of our great state. It also provides rare insight into the heart of our communities, including the daily selfless acts of others. It reflects how amazing Texans are in their pursuit to ignite inspiration that makes meaningful differences in the lives of others.

One of the most impactful ways we can change a life is to step up and protect the most vulnerable of our society. Texans like Bob Williams and the team behind the non-profit Ranch Hands Rescue are some of the brightest lights fighting against a dark reality that exists in our society. Ranch Hands Rescue is a human and animal sanctuary founded on hope and healing for the long-term recovery of survivors who are finding their way after enduring unimaginable trauma, severe abuse, and in some cases, human trafficking.

In working with survivors of all ages, Bob recognized there is a growing underserved population in need of immediate advocacy – boys who have fallen prey to human trafficking. These boys are far too often the hidden victims rescued from this horrific evil.

Last year, Ranch Hands Rescue opened Bob’s House of Hope, the first safe house in the country for young men who have been sex trafficked. With a team of highly-trained professionals, therapy animals, and a group of dedicated local volunteers, the promise of hope is becoming reality each day for the survivors who have found safe refuge there.

Programs at Ranch Hands Rescue and Bob’s House of Hope provide healing from the horrific pain and mental anguish endured as victims. Forced drug addiction, complex medical challenges, legal trouble, educational deficits, and a host of other issues, are just some of the devastating challenges they face. Instead of falling into an endless cycle of dependency and despair, Bob’s House of Hope is teaching life skills and providing counseling to give these young Texans a renewed life. The transformation that is taking place at Ranch Hands Rescue and Bob’s House of Hope is miraculous and restores the goodness our community is built upon.

On Saturday, September 17, my wife, Beth and I are serving as honorary chairs for their Ignite Hope 2022 Gala with music, special guests, entertainment, and much more at the Embassy Suites hotel in Denton. We hope you can join this magical night that showcases the passion for service that is ingrained in the spirit of Texas. You can learn more at www.ranchhandrescue.org.

Another fantastic example of the heart of our community is how fast organizations like Special Olympics Texas are growing. I cannot imagine the feeling of watching sporting activities from the sidelines without the hope of being included or knowing the thrill of the game.

Isolation is a cruel barrier and far too often, we see people with disabilities missing out on the simple joys such as team sports. Through amazing advocacy and compassion, Special Olympics is making certain that physical and intellectual challenges never stop anyone from participating in sporting activities.

Flower Mound is the host home to the Special Olympics Texas Steak & Stetson gala, a highlight of what we can all do together to ensure local Texans with disabilities play too. I am honored to be a part of this year’s mission with Highland Village Police Chief Doug Reim (lead organizer), Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree, leaders from local law enforcement and an incredible group of volunteers. Each is dedicated to creating a fun and festive evening of great food, live music, auctions, and entertainment at Circle R Ranch on Friday, September 23 starting at 6 p.m. Please consider joining us to open doors for differently-abled Texans at https://www.sotx.org/event-detail/steak-stetson-16575908.

These are just two events happening in our area but there are many more community events and volunteer opportunities underway this September and throughout the year. I wish I could name them all but knowing that is not possible is a sign our community is filled with action and unparalleled enthusiasm to serve others!

As always, it is an honor to serve you in the Texas House of Representatives. If you would like to share a thought, please feel free to contact me at 512.463.0688 or email at tan.parker@house.texas.gov. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Parker: Service to others is what makes our community strong

School Days Are Back In Texas

School Days Are Back In Texas

A new school year is upon us in Texas, and students will soon fill our classrooms ready to learn. There is no greater investment than the one we make in our children.  Unfortunately, we know that the need for our state to ensure we nurture young minds and support their families in the process is even greater after a two-year disruption of education due to the pandemic.

Tan Parker Refuses LIBRE Initiative Endorsement

Tan Parker Refuses LIBRE Initiative Endorsement

Tan Parker Refuses LIBRE Initiative Endorsement
I completely and unequivocally reject this endorsement.

FLOWER MOUND TX – Tan Parker, Texas State Representative and conservative Republican candidate for Texas State Senate District 12, released he following statement:

“On Friday, the LIBRE Initiative endorsed a group of candidates for office. To my surprise, I was listed as one of the candidates. Let me be clear – I did not ask for this endorsement. I completely and unequivocally reject the LIBRE Initiative’s endorsement.

“The LIBRE Initiative has made clear where they stand on the issue of amnesty and illegal immigration, and we are not in agreement. I believe in the American Dream, and I fully support anyone who comes to this country legally, to achieve this dream.

“Any attempt to grant amnesty is in direct violation of my core conservative values. We are a nation of laws, and any form of amnesty is a slap in the face to those who have come to the United States legally. I am 100 percent against any effort to establish programs that create shortcuts or allow certain people to jump to the head of the line. That simply is not the American way.

“With the current crisis we have at our southern border, granting amnesty to those who have entered America illegally is simply not an option. Amnesty programs only create a magnet for more illegal immigration and put an even greater strain on our already-overwhelmed Border Patrol agents and resources.

“I will continue to fight against the Biden Administration’s open border policy, which is resulting in unprecedented chaos and death.

“Furthermore, I demand the LIBRE Initiative remove my name from their material and retract their endorsement of my campaign. The voters in Senate District 12 know my record and will not be deceived.”

PRESS RELEASE: Tan Parker Releases More Endorsements

PRESS RELEASE: Tan Parker Releases More Endorsements

Tan Parker Releases More Endorsements
60 House Colleagues Have Endorsed Bid for the Texas Senate

 Flower Mound, TX – Tan Parker, Texas State Representative and conservative Republican candidate for Texas State Senate District 12, released this statement:

“Our campaign momentum for Senate District 12 continues to grow.  Today, I am excited to share a significant number of new endorsements from my colleagues in the Texas House who have joined our efforts.  I have had the honor of working alongside each of them as they serve their districts and the people of Texas. They know my commitment to passing conservative, common-sense legislation that the people of Senate District 12 expect, and I am grateful to have earned their trust.”

Steve Allison John Frullo Tom Oliverson
Doc Anderson Gary Gates Chris Paddie
Trent Ashby Charlie Geren Jared Patterson
Ernest Bailes Sam Harless Dennis Paul
Cecil Bell Justin Holland Four Price
Keith Bell Dan Huberty John Raney
Kyle Biedermann Jacey Jetton Glenn Rogers
Brad Buckley Kyle Kacal Scott Sanford
DeWayne Burns Ken King Matt Schaefer
Angie Chen Button Phil King Mike Schofield
Briscoe Cain Matt Krause Hugh Shine
Gio Capriglione John Kuempel Bryan Slaton
Jeff Cason Stan Lambert John Smithee
Travis Clardy Brooks Landgraf Lynn Stucky
David Cook Lyle Larson David Spiller
Tom Craddick Jeff Leach Phil Stephenson
John Cyrier JM Lozano Tony Tinderholt
Drew Darby Geanie Morrison Ed Thompson
Jay Dean Jim Murphy Steve Toth
James Frank Candy Noble Gary VanDeaver

For more information about the Tan Parker campaign visit www.TanParker.com or on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.