EconomyRepresentative Parker developed his economic strategy from more than fifteen years as a successful businessman in the private sector. He firmly believes in a limited government, free enterprise approach where private business can depend on a responsible, predictable regulatory climate where government encourages job creation through sound tax policy.

His approach, and that of likeminded state leaders is why:

  1. Texas is rated as the 3rd friendliest state for entrepreneurship
  2. Texas created over 470,000 new private sector jobs since 2005 while the rest of the nation combined lost nearly 5 million private sector jobs
  3. More Fortune 1000 companies call Texas home than any other state
  4. Even during these challenging times, Texas’ unemployment rate remains well below the national average
  5. Texas is the number 2 state in gross domestic product and the 12th biggest economy in the world

While we have weathered this global economic downturn in a much more manageable fashion than other states and nations, Representative Parker understands that we still have work to do in order to get more hardworking Texans back to work. That is why he is committed to: a responsible state spending approach that continues to reduce business taxes, maintaining a reasonable regulatory climate that does not hinder economic activity, properly training our next generation’s workforce to compete in a global economy, and strengthening tax incentives that attract new jobs to Texas.