"Taking one look at Representative Parker's own legislative accomplishments, along with the initiatives that he supports,  makes it easy to see that he is working to strengthen our economy, bring more private-sector jobs to Texas and is helping our business community continue to flourish." - Bill Hammond, President/CEO Texas Association of Business, BACPAC Spokesperson

Since joining the Texas House of Representatives in 2007, Representative Tan Parker has authored an impressive list of new state laws geared on conservative principles and producing real results for Texans.  Here is a look at some of his legislative highlights:

Reducing Taxes and Government Spending

  • Helped to craft state budgets that have reduced general revenue spending and provided record tax breaks.
  • Co-authored legislation that eliminated the outdated Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund tax.
  • Directed the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to send mandatory notifications of inmate releases via email, saving money by bypassing expensive stamped letters.
  • Consolidated local option elections for specially created municipal service districts into one uniform election date, saving cities critical dollars when hosting elections.
  • Effective 2013, moved Texas’ Sales Tax Holiday weekend to earlier in August so that more families will have the opportunity to participate in this tax saving weekend.
  • Co-authored legislation making the small business exemption to the franchise tax permanent in Texas

Getting the Government off the Back of Private Business

  • Co-authored successful legislation that raised the small business exemption to the business franchise tax, effectively removing 40,000 small businesses in Texas from the tax rolls.
  • Reduced burdensome mandates previously required of architects when submitting design plans to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.
  • Streamlined the credentialing process for certain medical providers seeking to join a group practice.
  • Utilized the private sector in administering drivers license exams in order to significantly reduce unnecessary wait times.

Protecting Our Children

  • Established a state strategy for reducing child abuse and neglect by directing school districts, charter schools and public universities to provide viable information and instruction to students, parents and teachers regarding all forms of child abuse, how to effectively identify the warning signs, and how to get immediate help if they find themselves an unfortunate victim of this crime.
  • Designed an awareness program to better educate children and parents as to the necessity of child vaccinations and where they can go to have their children properly vaccinated.
  • Joint-authored successful legislation that created a pilot program in Denton County to place teenage foster children with volunteer adult mentors.
  • Co-authored Jessica’s Law, which mandates life sentences for repeat child predators.
  • Authored new laws to “child proof” the lids to home septic systems and to provide statutory guidance to day care facilities that will ensure proper care of children with special medical needs.
  • Increased penalties facing those who deliberately conceal their direct knowledge of or suspicion of child abuse.
  • Empowered law enforcement to aggressively search children suspected of being abducted by a relative.
  • Implemented new programs and procedures for helping foster children graduate high school on time.

Expanding on Local Economic Development Opportunities

  • Authorized TxDOT to expand I-35E from north Dallas to the city of Denton, creating significant economic activity, growing jobs, improving mobility and increasing the safety of this central transportation artery.
  • Enhanced the Development Corporation Act of 1979 by providing communities all across the North Texas region the flexibility to use 4B economic development dollars to improve every aspect of their infrastructure as to attract and retain large-scale economic development projects.
  • Co-authored legislation that created the Texas Equine Incentive Program, a vital tool to the success of the horse racing industry, which has strong roots in North Texas.
  • Formed numerous local special utility districts and also added to the capabilities of existing special utility districts, which serve as great tools for local economic development.

Improving Public Health/Safety

  • Extended the Good Samaritan Act to volunteer emergency first responders assisting in a medical situation so that they can do everything in their power to save a Texan’s life without fearing legal recourse.
  • Designed Texas’ first boat operator education law, which mirrors the slow phase-in hunter education law in Texas that led to a 50% reduction in hunting accidents and fatalities.  Also passed a new law that will provide students with a broad understanding of lake safety by including its instruction in drivers education curriculum.
  • Wrote the Britteny Lindt Act that outlaws the dangerous maneuver of boats circling vulnerable water-skiers.
  • Empowered hospitals in Texas with the tools necessary to more efficiently and accurately obtain necessary patient information vital to providing effective medical treatment.

Strengthening Family Values / Other Accomplishments

  • Ended the “bounty system” of paying persons a set amount for every voter registration card they turn in, a system that led to much of the recent voter registration fraud seen in Texas and across the nation.
  • Co-authored legislation to add the phrase “under God” into the state pledge.
  • Co-authored legislation that further protects the right to voluntary religious expression in our public schools.
  • Co-authored legislation that allocates financial grants for programs that provide marriage educations services and support the development of more healthy marriages in Texas.