Session Update – The House is Organized and Ready to Lead

Every legislative session I am reminded of how quickly Texas’ legislative body moves to begin the important undertaking of the people’s business.  While the speed and efficiency should come as no surprise given that state lawmakers only have 140 short days to convene in a regular session, how quickly the moving parts are set into motion is still something amazing. 

This session is no different.  From the very first day on the House floor, my colleagues and I have placed an emphasis on quickly taking care of organizational matters so that we can get to the business at hand, and we are not alone.  The Texas Senate has already made their committee appointments, and I was pleased to see our very own Senator, The Honorable Jane Nelson, be re-affirmed as Chairwoman of the Senate Finance Committee.  Our new statewide officers have presented their vision for the future of Texas, and are moving quickly to see their priorities translate into legislative success during this session.  Coupled with the progress of the Texas House that I will detail below, it is a very exciting time to be watching your state government at work. 


Organizing the House Republican Caucus

The House began undertaking critical work immediately upon swearing in when the members of the House Republican Caucus met to organize and elect our leaders for this session.  The Republican Caucus is an organization of critical importance, as it is responsible for providing an array of vital services to the members of the majority party, including policy research, hosting legislative briefings on critical issues before the House and supporting individual members in passing legislation that advances the principles of the Republican Party in Texas.   

At our organizational meeting I was honored and humbled to have been selected Chairman of the Republican Caucus.  As Chairman, it will be my responsibility to organize and serve the overwhelming Republican majority in the House and promote a sense of unity between our Republican members.  I am truly humbled in the trust that has been placed with me, and I plan to utilize this position in serving the Republican majority and promoting a conservative agenda that will keep Texas the model for individual liberty and economic success.


Establishing the House Rules 

The House’s readiness for work didn’t end there.  The House continued with the record setting pace the very next day by voting to adopt the important procedural rules that will govern the various operations and proceedings of the Texas House.  Adoption of the House Rules is both a critical and time-consuming effort by the members of the House, and we do not typically take up the rules during the first week of the session. However, House members moved swiftly to craft and unanimously adopt our rules of procedure. Now we can move forward with the process of assigning members to the various legislative committees and ultimately begin considering critical matters on the House floor.


Proposing Legislation

Individual members of the House are also doing their part to take early advantage of this 140 day process by proposing legislation.  As of the close of January, the House and the Senate have combined to file over 1,400 individual pieces of legislation addressing a variety of important issues.  For example, legislation has already been filed to protect our traditional Texas values, balance our state budget in a fiscally conservative manner, reform higher education, strengthen K-12 education, boost our state’s infrastructure and further protect our Second Amendment rights.

Not only have we moved very quickly with the people’s business this early in the 84th Legislative Session, but we have also set the standard for what we as a body hope to achieve.  From the adoption of the House Rules to the great variety of bills already prepared for debate, your Texas House is demonstrating to our fellow Texans that we are prepared to lead this great state into the future.

I look forward to serving you this legislative session and please do not hesitate to contact me at if I can ever be of service.