Rep. Tan Parker Elected Chairman of the House Republican Caucus

(Austin, Texas)  One day after being sworn in for his fifth term in the Texas House of Representatives, Representative Tan Parker was elected by his Republican colleagues to serve as the Chairman of the House Republican Caucus for the two-year duration of the 84th Legislature.  As Caucus Chairman, Rep. Parker is now responsible for organizing and serving the overwhelming Republican majority in the Texas House.

In assuming the Caucus Chair post, Parker stated, “I cannot explain how blessed and humbled I feel to have been chosen by my colleagues to lead our Republican Caucus into this critical legislative session.  The citizens of Texas have put their continued faith in our state’s Republican leadership, and the caucus will undertake the important work necessary to deliver the results that Texans expect.”

As stated in the formal bylaws, the Republican Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives is responsible for providing an array of important services to its members, including providing policy research, hosting legislative briefings on critical issues before the Texas House, supporting individual members in passing legislation that advances Republican principles and developing external communication outreach strategies.  As Caucus Chairman, Rep. Parker will act as the presiding officer of the caucus, its official spokesman and undertake the responsibility of organizing the caucus and appointing various caucus officers.

“I am thrilled that the Republican Caucus and the Texas House as a whole are organized and ready for business this quickly, but now the real work begins,” Parker stated in closing.  “The work of the Republican Caucus will play a significant role in the outcome of this session, and I pledge to use my experiences as a five-term House member, a successful private businessman and a former Caucus officer to serve my friends and colleagues with a strong caucus organization that will promote a conservative agenda for Texas.”   

Serving his 5th term in the Texas Legislature, Representative Parker is focusing his efforts on economic development, job creation, strengthening border security, promoting fiscally responsible government spending, providing a strong education system, enhancing public safety and protecting family values.  Representative Parker is the current Chairman of the Corrections Committee.  He also serves on the Land and Resource Management Committee, the Criminal Procedure Committee and the Joint Committee on Human Trafficking.