Accomplishments of the 83rd Legislature

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Accomplishments of the 83rd Legislature Accomplishments of the 83rd Legislature

Re-election Announcement

“Initially elected to office in 2006, Rep. Parker has earned the reputation of being an effective advocate for Denton County, the north Texas region and being a state lawmaker who is accessible to his constituents."

Re-election Announcement Re-election Announcement

Principled Policies

See where Representative Parker stands on the critical issues facing Texas

Principled Policies Principled Policies

Tan Introduces Rick Santorum

"Tonight it is my great privilege to introduce a man who has shown the world the power of conservative ideas..."

Tan Introduces Rick Santorum Tan Introduces Rick Santorum


July 23rd, 2014

Parker stated, “Earlier this month when I toured the region I saw firsthand how stretched thin our resources along the border are and I even witnessed multiple individuals being apprehended trying to illegally enter Texas, some carrying illegal contraband. Our hardworking troopers are doing the best job they possibly can but the facts are simple, they are outnumbered and in need of more assistance. Like our Governor, I support fully equipping them with the resources they need to achieve the mission they’ve been given.”

Local Lawmakers Observe Border Issue

July 22nd, 2014

“We have known intelligence that Al Qaeda, ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] and other groups that seek to do Americans great harm are south of our border today,” Parker said. “My fear is that, God forbid, significant terrorist activity would occur in this country, and when we trace back where they came from, they would have come through the Rio Grande, across our porous southern border. We know that the individuals coming across are not just from Mexico. We are seeing folks coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and other countries where terrorism is alive and well.”

Safely Enjoying the Water This Summer

July 22nd, 2014

It is estimated that every day ten individuals in the United States drown. That is why I have made water safety a high priority as a state lawmaker.